Been taking pictures for years now, but dunno how to do it seriously. My hair used to be kinda famous so I put it and my photography together to come up with the name 'FROtography'.


If you wanna check out a bunch of my pictures taken over the years then go here:

Flickr / Purchase FROtographs / Facebook / my Tumblr

As of 1/11/2011, I am starting a Daily Photo Challenge for myself. Not a 365 Days/Month/Week Photo Challenge that I know are floating around; but a I DONT KNOW OR CARE HOW LONG IT IS Photo Challenge :)

Pictures WILL BE taking daily, but I highly doubt they will be posted daily, haha. So don't think I haven't taken a picture that day just because it's not posted it up.

UPDATE: 10/24/12 - That obviously didn't last haha. The daily challenge lasted about 3 months but the problem with it wasn't taking the pictures but having to go through and edit them which I of course got behind on and ended up just stopping altogether. Especially since when I started this challenge I was unemployed and then 3 months into it I landed a job!

Just a quick update as of right now, I'm currently looking to possibly start some online photography classes and/or going to some workshops soon. Other then that most of the pictures I'll be posting are from my travels, friends letting me use them as models and any jobs I get booked on. So stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

The All-American Rejects: Orlando, FL - February 24th, 2012

Once the new year was here, my friends & I realized that the All-American Rejects would be playing a few sets of shows ACTUALLY in Florida. Two in February and one in April. These are a few pictures from the 2nd show in February :)

You can follow our journey about our current ‘AAR Show Challenge’ here at:

More pictures from this show will added later to my flickr soon:

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