Been taking pictures for years now, but dunno how to do it seriously. My hair used to be kinda famous so I put it and my photography together to come up with the name 'FROtography'.


If you wanna check out a bunch of my pictures taken over the years then go here:

Flickr / Purchase FROtographs / Facebook / my Tumblr

As of 1/11/2011, I am starting a Daily Photo Challenge for myself. Not a 365 Days/Month/Week Photo Challenge that I know are floating around; but a I DONT KNOW OR CARE HOW LONG IT IS Photo Challenge :)

Pictures WILL BE taking daily, but I highly doubt they will be posted daily, haha. So don't think I haven't taken a picture that day just because it's not posted it up.

UPDATE: 10/24/12 - That obviously didn't last haha. The daily challenge lasted about 3 months but the problem with it wasn't taking the pictures but having to go through and edit them which I of course got behind on and ended up just stopping altogether. Especially since when I started this challenge I was unemployed and then 3 months into it I landed a job!

Just a quick update as of right now, I'm currently looking to possibly start some online photography classes and/or going to some workshops soon. Other then that most of the pictures I'll be posting are from my travels, friends letting me use them as models and any jobs I get booked on. So stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

The All-American Rejects: Fayetteville, AR - November 12th, 2012

My friends & I decided we needed a short road trip and thankfully the Rejects were playing a few shows in TX & AR, so we packed our bags and hit the road for an amazing weekend of great shows and friends!

You can follow our journey about our current ‘AAR Show Challenge’ here

More pictures from this show will added later to my flickr soon:

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